Turkey’s tussle with the West motivated by status anxiety - think-tank

The core problem behind Turkey’s relationship with the West is its failure to secure status in the eyes of the Western world, Galip Dalay, research director at Al Sharq Forum, wrote in Karar newspaper.

“For a long time, Turkey has been requesting acceptance as an equal to the main countries in Europe as an actor in the Western bloc,” he said.

The EU membership process, “which neither Turkey nor the EU find realistic, will not have the function of solving this problem.”

This, rather than Turkey’s failure to democratise or Western conspiracies against Turkey, was at the heart of the present crisis, Dalay said.

“Of course, a positive acceleration (in democratisation) could lower the tension in relations. It would increase the value of Turkey’s brand; but it would not solve the true issue.”

Al Sharq Forum is an international network concentrating on research into the Middle East.



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