Turkish taxi driver hailed as hero for his generosity

A Turkey-born taxi driver in Sweden is being hailed as a hero after he lent his credit card for three days to a customer who forgot his wallet on the way to the airport.

Businessman Christer Östlund realized when he arrived at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport last week that he had left his wallet at home. He feared he would not be able to make it home and return to the airport in time for his flight to Germany, according to the BBC.

His driver Ömer Temel offered to lend his credit card to Östlund. “He was dumbfounded when he heard my offer," Temel told Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency.

Östlund asked many times if he would really trust someone whom he had just met. “A Swedish person would never have done this,” Östlund said.

Finally, Östlund accepted Temel’s offer. Temel handed over his card, giving him his pin number and contact details, the BBC reported. On his three-day trip, Östlund spent 2,800 Turkish lira ($450 US dollars) of Temel's money, which he paid back after they reunited in Stockholm.

"Ömer saved my business trip to Germany and France," Östlund said. "People like Ömer will save the world.”

"In my world you must dare to trust people, life feels more blissful if you can live that way,” Temel said.

The story was picked up by Turkish media outlets, with many applauding Temel’s generosity.

"Just don't try this in Turkey,” one Twitter user posted, with laughing emojis, said the BBC.

"Sometimes faith in humanity is restored," one Swedish Facebook user commented on the story, the BBC said. "This warms my heart. I've never heard anything like this before," said another.