European Parliament to call on Turkey to free jailed Greek soldiers 

The European Parliament is likely to pass a resolution on Tuesday calling on Turkey to release two Greek soldiers held there since the beginning of March after straying across the border on a patrol in northeastern Greece, EurActiv EU news site reported.

In a resolution, Turkish authorities will be called upon to “swiftly conclude the judicial process and release the two detained Greek soldiers and return them to Greece”, it said.

The detention of the two Greek soldiers has heightened tensions between Greece and Turkey. A Turkish court last month ruled against releasing the two soldiers. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called the soldiers hostages.

The resolution before the European parliament urges Turkish authorities to “scrupulously follow legal proceedings and fully respect, for all those concerned, the human rights enshrined in international law, including the Geneva convention”, EurActiv reported.

Meanwhile Greece’s Deputy Defense Minister on Tuesday said that Greece and Turkey are in an “undeclared war” in the Aegean following Ankara's claims that its forces removed a Greek flag from an islet, news website Greek reporter said.

The deputy minister also denied claims made by Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım earlier this week that a Greek flag was ta down by the Turkish Coast Guard. &nbsp