Turkey has more Facebook content blocked than any other country

Facebook’s biannual report into its relations with the world’s governments has revealed that it removes more content at the request of Turkey than any other government, Hanna Kozlowska wrote for Quartz, an economic news website.

During the last six months of 2017, Facebook removed 3,832 items of content on behalf of Turkey, compared to 2,280 at the behest of second-placed Mexico. Only five countries had the internet giant remove more than 1,000 items.

“The content was restricted according to Turkey’s Internet Act, which ‘covers a range of offences including personal rights violations, personal privacy, defamation of (the country’s founder, Mustafa Kemal) Atatürk, and the unauthorised sale of regulated goods,’” Kozlowska wrote.

“The law, which the advocacy group Human Rights Watch calls ‘draconian,’ has resulted in tens of thousands of Turkish websites being blocked in recent years.”