Coup ringleader-linked Turkish academic continues working as a counsellor at ministry

A man who is known for this close ties with Adil Öksüz, accused by Turkey of playing a key role in the 15 July 2016 coup attempt, still works as a counsellor at the Ministry of Youth and Sport, secularist opposition daily Cumhuriyet reported on Sunday. 

The coup attempt, according to number of indictments released by various prosecutor offices around Turkey, was apparently carried out by members of a religious sect, the Gülen movement, assisted by others inside the military, with five civilian members of the movement led by the fugitive Adil Öksüz being present at the airbase from which the attempt was launched on the night of the coup.

He was released after his capture at the Akıncı military base, from where the coup was believed to have been launched, two days after the coup and was last seen two further days later. 

Recep Kaymakcan was detained in 2017 after Öksüz called Kaymakcan during his detention. Later, Kaymakcan was released on bail.

In 2012, Öksüz and Kaymakcan participated in a panel by the Gülen movement, titled "Spiritual Seeking in Humanities", participants of which got important promotions and were assigned to the eminent post, Cumhuriyet said.

And they were both working at Sakarya University's faculty of theology in 2016 when the coup was attempted, Cumhuriyet said.

Kaymakcan continues to work at the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and speaks at various conferences around Turkey as a ministerial aide, according to the daily.

Reclusive U.S.-based Turkish preacher Fethullah Gülen was once a close ally of Turkey’s Islamist government, but the two sides fell out with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accusing the movement of attempting to create a parallel structure within the state and Gülenist prosecutors bringing corruption charges against cabinet ministers and their relatives.