Istanbul municipality to name parks after femicide victims

The municipality of Istanbul's Kadıköy district will name 10 parks after women who were killed by men on Nov. 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Cumhuriyet reported on Wednesday.

The 10 women will be honoured and their deaths etched into collective memory by giving their name to parks around the district on behalf of all women who were victims of gender-based violence, Kadıköy municipality said.

Emine Bulut, whose fatal stabbing by her ex-husband in front of their daughter last year caused public outcry, and 19-year-old Özgecan Aslan, whose 2015 murder after boarding a minibus as she struggled to fight off the driver’s attempted rape led to nation-wide protests, are among the 10 women whose names will be given to the Istanbul parks.

Turkey is the first signatory of the Istanbul Convention, a ground-breaking set of measures to combat gender violence and domestic violence adopted by the Council of Europe in Turkey’s largest city in 2011.

25 November

But women’s rights groups have been criticising the government for failing to live up to the commitments laid out in the convention, which in recent years has been targeted by conservatives and Islamists who say it is damaging Turkish cultural values.

Istanbul-based watchdog We Will Stop Femicide says more than 2,800 women have been murdered in Turkey since 2008, with nearly 400 women killed so far in 2019.