Men murdered 53 women in Turkey last month - rights group

A total of 53 women were killed by men in Turkey in September, according to a report released by the We Will Stop Femicides Platform, an organisation that monitors violence against women.

Eighteen of the killers were the women’s husbands or partners, while relatives killed another seven and three were killed by ex-husbands and former partners. Three women were murdered by her son. The killers of 17 women remained unidentified, according to the report.

Nine women were murdered for seeking to make decisions regarding their own lives, such as deciding to divorce, rejecting reunion or a relationship the report said. Meanwhile, the causes of death for 31 women could not be identified, the report added.

The report also recorded that Law 6284 on the Protection of Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women -- landmark Turkish legislation adopted in 2011 -- was not being implemented effectively.

The group, which was founded in 2009, keeps regular tallies of women who fall victim to male violence. The organisation said the government should immediately take concrete steps against violence and gender inequality and impose intimidating penalties to avoid further femicides.

"If Law 6284 was implemented adequately, women would be alive, and their children would not be motherless. Sixteen of the murdered women had children," the report said.