Turkish man kills ex-wife over social media account

Turkish man Ali Rıza Havuz shot and killed his 46-year-old ex-wife on a busy street in Turkey’s northern coastal province of Rize on Friday, Demirören news agency reported.

Havuz was detained on the spot, while the woman was hospitalised after paramedics administered first aid on site, but she did not survive the gunshot to her head.

In his first testimony at the police station, Ali Rıza Havuz said he had killed his ex-wife because she had opened a social media account and shared photos of herself.

The murder has sparked outrage on social media as many Turkish people remain indoors due to coronavirus measures - which also include a proposed amnesty plan to release many prisoners, including those charged with killing their wives.

The amnesty includes convictions on sexual crimes, domestic violence and drug-related crimes, while not covering the cases of many imprisoned journalists and politicians.