Afrin film released five days after Turkey captures town

An action film showing Turkish special forces fighting in Afrin was released in Turkish cinemas on Friday, just five days after Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch successfully captured the northwest Syrian town.

Posters for Bordo Bereliler 2: Afrin (Maroon Berets 2) caught many Turks by surprise as they began appearing around cities before the operation had been declared a success.

The film, directed by Erhan Baytimur, is a sequel to last year’s Bordo Bereliler, which was also set in Syria. It follows the story of a group of Turkey’s elite special forces, the Maroon Berets, as they carry out an operation starting in Afrin, the town Turkey seized from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Mar. 18.

As the previous instalment was released in cinemas on Apr. 7 last year, the shooting for Bordo Bereliler 2 was apparently a hurried affair, but its release this week could draw viewers caught up in the nationalistic wave after the success of Operation Olive Branch.

The maroon berets in the film set out to stop “terrorists” from launching an attack with a warhead within Turkey. The action takes the heroes from Afrin to the northwest Turkish town of İnegöl.

“Our mission is to pollute, to contaminate, to destroy,” says the terrorist leader during the trailer, which is replete with bluntly nationalistic imagery.


“I have always thought of military service as a duty … that binds our country together,” said Baytimur in an interview about the film with the CosmoTurk website.

“Unfortunately, in recent years foreign powers have tried to corrode our trust in the army,” he continued, likely referring to the failed July 2016 military coup. “People needed to be brought together at a time like this.”