Turkish film wins Sundance cinematic award

Turkish film “Butterflies: won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic branch at the 2018 Sundance independent film festival, left-wing news site Gazete Karınca reported.

The film, a road trip movie which follows three estranged Turkish siblings who are called back to their family village by a father they barely know, impressed the jury at its premiere at the Utah-based festival.

It will be considered another milestone for director Tolga Karaçelik, whose 2015 film “Ivy”, about a crew marooned on a cargo ship after the company they work for has financial troubles, won four awards at Turkey’s Antalya International Film Festival.

Despite his successes, Karaçelik was unable to get any backing for the film from the Turkish Culture Ministry, which prefers to sponsor nationalistic epics that more closely echo government messaging.