Turkish Culture Ministry pulls funding from feminist film festival

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has pulled its funding from an Ankara feminist film festival after 20 years of support, Çiçek Tahaoğlu wrote for independent news portal Bianet.

The ministry’s cinematic commission said it found supporting the Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival “inappropriate” in a statement.

Flying Broom responded by saying the shows would go on.

“Despite all obstacles, all pressure and constraints, will continue not for 21 years, or 51 years, but 61 years,” the organising committee said. “We are awaiting the reasoning of the ministry.”

The 21st Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival was carried out from May 10–17 and featured 62 film showings and 17 special events. Among the guests at the festival was New Zealand’s first woman prime minister, Helen Clark.

The festival aims to make women’s contributions to cinema visible and to support the work of young talents in cinema.