Sixty percent of Turkish men “do not go into the kitchen” – food survey

Sixty percent of Turkish men do not go into the kitchen, a survey conducted by the KONDA polling company together and Metro supermarkets revealed.

The secular newspaper Hürriyet said this percentage fell to just under half in higher income groups. However, more men than women were responsible for doing the food shopping.

Eating habits differed according to income and social class, the survey said, but fruit, vegetables, rice and pasta were universally popular foods.

While 72 percent of those living in apartment buildings ate their evening meal at a dining table, 81 percent of those in slums ate it picnic-style on the floor. Higher income groups and those living in more urban areas were also more likely to choose the table over the floor.

Income was not the sole determinant of eating habits, Metro Chairman Kubilay Özerkan said, citing culture, lifestyle and sociological class as other factors.

Moreover, as a result of health and cooking programmes on television, Turks were increasingly aware of organic food and seeking to reduce their sugar and salt consumption, Özerkan said.