Turkey wasting over $37 billion in food annually

Turkey wastes food worth $ 37.7 billion per year, losing or wasting 25-40 percent of the vegetables it produces annually, the chairman of the Turkey Waste Reduction Foundation said. 

"The amount of food wasted in Turkey stands at 26 million tons," Anadolu news agency quoted Aziz Akgül as saying on Sunday. 

"The amount of wasted fruits and vegetables is 12 million tons, worth 25 billion liras ($4.4 billion)," Akgül said, citing data from the country’s Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBİTAK). 

Akgül said that one third of all food produced annually in the world is either lost or wasted.

"While the amount of wasted food in developed countries is $ 680 million, this figure is $ 310 million in developing countries," the chairman of the Waste Reduction Foundation said. 

Akgül added that the "amount of food wasted by the United States and Europe (combined) is sufficient to feed the world’s population three times over." 

Turkey saw food prices jump more than 30 percent annually in January, helping to push overall inflation up to 20.4 percent and prompting the government to intensify a crackdown on suppliers Ankara said were increasing prices unfairly.