Turks prefer traditional ‘menemen’ dish, with onions - survey

A recent survey by one of Turkey’s leading polling agencies found that Turks overwhelmingly prefer the traditional egg dish known as ‘’menemen’’ to be prepared with onions.

KONDA asked 2702 people across 26 provinces in Turkey if they prefer their menemen with, or without onions.

Menemen generally includes eggs, tomatoes, green peppers and spices, as well as onions and is served during breakfast or brunch.

While 62 percent of those surveyed through in-person interviews said ‘yes’ to onions in their menemen, 38 percent said their ideal menemen does not contain onions.

The survey by KONDA was inspired by the country's top food critic, Vedat Milor, who posted the same survey on Twitter earlier this year.

Close to 500,000 participated in Milor's survey which found that onion-lovers outnumbered their opponents.