Turkey denounces Macron’s claim on Ankara's election ‘interference’

The Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry on Wednesday condemned French President Immanuel Macron over his remarks that Ankara was interfering in France’s next presidential election.

The ministry called the remarks by the French president “unacceptable and contrary to the friendship and alliance between our countries.”

Earlier this week, in an interview on French TV, Macron said Turkey would “attempt to influence the upcoming French elections” by “playing on public opinion.

The claim arrived amid a thaw in French-Turkish relations following increased tensions over a string of issues, including a row over radical Islam, energy exploration in the eastern Mediterranean, and war-torn Libya, where France and Turkey back opposing sides in the conflict.

Macron’s latest comments undermined attempts by Ankara to mend ties, the ministry said.

“We think that these statements of Mr Macron are unfortunate and inconsistent when we are taking steps to replace tension... with calm and friendship,” it added.