Hot weather sparks fires across Turkey

Firefighters in Turkey have been hard at work over the Eid al-Adha holiday period after hot, windy weather led to outbreaks of fires in 27 areas.

All of the fires have been brought under control except a fire that has spread over 80 hectares (197 acres) of land in the western Kütahya province, Euronews quoted forestry official Hayati Özgür as saying on Tuesday morning.

The fires broke out in 15 areas of forest and 12 areas of farmland, the official said.

Fires in the western province of Balıkesir spread quickly on Monday, killing 100 animals and hospitalising 30 people due to smoke inhalation before the flames were brought under control on Monday night. The fire also damaged three houses and a gendarmerie building.

Özgür warned citizens of Turkey that 95 percent of fires in the country occurred because of human activity, and told people to take care during hot and dry weather.