Pro-Kurdish news agency reporter detained for second time in Turkey's east

Turkish police on Tuesday detained journalist Semra Turan in the eastern city of Tunceli after she was released following another detention earlier this month, pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya Agency reported.

Turan, a reporter to Mezopotamya Agency, was initially detained by Turkish police on March 6 and her camera confiscated, the agency said. She was released on the next day and authorities did not issue any statement on the cause of Turan’s detention.

On Tuesday, Turan received a call from the police in the early hours of the morning, summoning her to the police station to pick up her camera, the agency said.

Turan was detained again upon arrival at the police station on the grounds of another investigation launched by authorities in Ankara, where she was transported by the police, according to the website. The details of the investigation have not been clarified.

There are currently 145 opposition journalists in jail in Turkey, according to Expression Interrupted website run by the Turkish Platform for Independent Journalism.

The site maintains a list of all journalists who have been placed behind bars following the July 2016 coup attempt, after which the government, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, implemented a nation-wide crackdown against suspected coup plotters and dissidents.