NGO network encourages people to share Erdoğan cartoon

IFEX, a global network of independent non-governmental organisations that promotes freedom of expression has launched a campaign encouraging people to share a satirical cartoon of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The cartoon in question, known as the ‘World of Tayyips’, shows caricatures of Erdoğan in the form of different animals.

It was first published in 2005 by the now defunct satirical magazine Penguen, as a show of solidarity with another cartoonist convicted though later acquitted of insulting Erdoğan in one of his works.

Erdoğan, who was then prime minister, also filed a claim against the author of the ‘World of Tayyips’ cartoon which was rejected by the courts.

But the cartoon reappeared at a graduation ceremony of Ankara’s Middle Eastern Technical University on July 11 this year, where it was carried as a banner by four students. They were subsequently arrested and remain in detention.

Now, IFAX is inviting people to share the cartoon as a gesture of solidarity with those under judicial threat. Further details are provided on the IFAX website.