Jun 29 2018

Pun leads to police raid on Turkish novelist

Turkish social media star and best-selling novelist Selen Pınar Işık said on Thursday that the police had raided and searched her house after she joked on Twitter on June 23 that she was a “servant of the West”.

In fact, Işık’s son is named ‘Batı’ which is a common name that means “west” in Turkish. “Of course I am a servant of Batı… what else can I be, I am obviously serving him,” Işık wrote as a response to another Twitter user criticising her anti-government views.

“They came to my father’s house today because of this tweet and searched me, as well as evidence related to terrorist organisation. Batı is the name of my son, my son! Let’s see what will happen under the state of emergency,” Işık wrote on Thursday.

Today Işık’s lawyer made an announcement confirming her story and said that they would keep on following the investigation.