Pro-Kurdish HDP member arrested for Facebook post criticizing lira’s drop

A member of the Siirt province’s parliament in Southeast Turkey has been detained for a social media post that lamented the Turkish Lira’s drop in value. 

“We’re not sinking because the dollar went up, the dollar is going up because we’re sinking. $7.15,” wrote a member of the Kurdish-issue focused Peoples’ Democratic Party, HDP, on Facebook. He was arrested on Sept. 25.

Charged for violating the Capital Markets Law, Idris Ilhan said he was not aiming to manipulate markets with his post. “My sole reason to share the above post was to [give] an economic analysis for 80 million people,” he wrote in defense, according to Sark Postasi. “I did not have any intent to manipulate.”

Authorities arrested Ilhan after claiming there was a risk of him fleeing the country.

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