Books banned, authors attacked in post-coup attempt Turkey

A growing number of books have been banned and more attacks on authors have been reported since last year's failed coup attempt, leaving both publishing houses and readers concerned, Deusche Welle has reported.

An investigative book by journalists Barış Terkoğlu and Barış Pehlivan about rich and powerful Turks found on Wikileaks prompted a court to ban the sale of the book and even the promotion of the book on social media, saying it violated the 'personal rights' of an MP from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

A book about Syrian Kurds by Fehim Taştekin, and one on ISIS by Hamide Yiğit were also banned and will be confiscated. Both are accused of "terror propaganda".

Islamic scholar İhsan Eliaçık, who often criticises the AKP government's religious policy, and Sabahattin Önkibar, who recently wrote a book about Meral Akşener, an Erdoğan contender, were both attacked at recent book fairs.

The head of Turkey's Publishers' Association, Kenan Kocatürk, says book bans over the past year are now on par with those after the 1971 and 1980 military coups.