U.S. to cut support for FSA not fighting ISIS - Pentagon

The United States will cut support to Free Syrian Army (FSA) units not fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, U.S. Defense Department Spokesman Eric Pahon told Hürriyet newspaper.

“Those fighting with us are members of the Syrian opposition who have passed a security check,” he said. “If these units decide to focus on something other than ISIS – and this could be Turkey, or it could be the regime – their support will be cut.”

Pahon said it was of “critical importance” for security to be maintained in a safe region of Syria such as Manbij, controlled by the majority-Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said Manbij will be Turkey’s next target after its ongoing attempt to capture the YPG-held Syrian enclave of Afrin.

“We hope that the Turks will not pass from Afrin to Manbij. We are very concerned about this,” he said. “This has the potential to send the fight against ISIS off the rails.”

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