No gender-based violence in our culture - AKP Istanbul women’s branch head

In a speech given for International Women’s Day, the Istanbul Women’s branch head of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) said that Turkey did not have a problem with gender-based violence, left-wing newspaper Evrensel reported.

“I must regretfully condemn those who, especially when talking about women’s problems in recent days, continually bring violence and battered women onto the agenda,” Şeyma Döğücü said.

“In our culture, you cannot raise a hand to (hit) a woman. This is not something that happens here.”

If the critics wanted something to criticise, it should be the West’s treatment of women, Döğücü said.

“Those who claim that violence against women, the murder of women and honour killings have increased under our government should look also at the statistics of the nations they claim are developed,” she said.

“How many women die a year in America and Europe, I wonder? How many women face violence (there)?”

Döğücü also pledged to continue fighting the individualistic mentality that refused to view women as mothers and potential mothers.