Turkey’s education ministry employs 1.92 pct women in management roles

Only 25 out of the 1,299 higher managerial roles in Turkey’s national education ministry are filled by women, left-wing daily BirGün found.

Men who occupy positions of province directors, province deputy directors and district directors within the ministry make up 98.08 percent of all higher management, BirGün said.

There are only two female province directors, in Muğla and Sakarya, among Turkey’s 81 provinces. The total number of female province deputy directors is 16, according to the newspaper.

In the 917 districts of Turkey, the total number of women who serve as district national education directors is seven, BirGün said.

One of the fundamental demands in the fight for gender equality is equal representation for women in all institutions, educators’ union Eğitim-Sen’s Director General Feray Aytekin Aydoğan told BirGün.

The ministry has recently removed gender equality as a target from its bylaws.

The ministry also cancelled a Gender Equality Project when the program was targeted by fundamentalist groups who said the project was “perverse”, BirGün said.

The newspaper quoted an OECD study saying that, although the number of female teachers was on the rise in Turkey, the ratio of female directors was found to be a mere seven percent.