Germany arms sales to Turkey up since Afrin op

Germany has issued more licenses for arms sales to Turkey in the 54 days since the beginning of the Turkish offensive against the Kurdish-held Syrian enclave of Afrin than in all of 2017, German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle said.

While 14 licenses for the sale of a total of €3.6 million of arms were issued by Germany in 2017, 20 licenses for the sale of €4.4 million of arms have been issued since the beginning of Turkey’s Afrin operation.

This was despite Germany announcing a temporary moratorium on arms sales to Turkey in February until German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel’s release from Turkish detention on Feb. 16.

These weapons sales included rifles, tanks, rockets, unarmed military vehicles and reconnaissance technologies, the broadcaster said.

Green Party parliamentarian Omid Nouripour accused the German government of having misled the public over the issue.

“The German government has systematically misled the public,” he said. “The export licenses given by the ministry have called into question the credibility of the new government due to Turkey’s disproportionate intervention in northern Syria, and it has emerged that the promises to limit weapons exports were given for nothing.”