Jul 23 2018

Germany cuts back arms sales to Turkey – DW

Germany’s coalition government has dramatically cut back on arms sales to Turkey since coming to power in March save a few exceptions, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported.

The decision is due to fears that weapons are being used to carry out human rights abuses. Germany has long sold armaments to NATO ally Turkey on condition that its tanks only be used for self-defence, an agreement that Turkey has been accused of violating in operations in Syria this year.

Between March 14, when the German coalition government took power, and June 30, Germany responded favourably to only five of Turkey’s requests to buy arms, valued at 418,279 euros, compared to the government’s approval of 34 requests totalling 9.7 million euros up until March 14 this year, Deutsche Welle said.

The Social Democrats junior coalition partners have been pushing for tighter restrictions to countries involved in human rights violations.

Germany is the world's fifth-largest arms exporter and the second-largest supplier of arms to Turkey.