Turkey denounces attack on migrant bars in Germany

(Updates with changes to paragraph 3, details on the attacker, Twitter tribute post and statement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

An attack on migrant bars in the German town of Hanau that killed nine people, including some migrants from Turkey, is a new and grave manifestation of the rising racism and hostility to Islam, Turkish foreign ministry said on Thursday. 

“It is time to put an end to these attacks,” the ministry said in a written statement. “Otherwise, racism and xenophobia will reach more serious levels and lead us to a dangerous situation.”

A 43-year-old German man shot and killed nine people at several locations in Hanau near Frankfurt before police found him and his 73-year-old mother dead at their home.

Turkey says at least five of the dead were Turkish nationals.

“Turkey, and especially the Turkish Embassy in Berlin, is carefully monitoring the process” following the deadly attack, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Thursday, at a ceremony in Ankara.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the shootings and said there were many indications that the perpetrator acted with far-right extremist, racist motives.

"Racism is a poison, and hatred is a poison. This poison exists in our society," she said in a televised statement.

The attacker, named by German media as Tobias Rathjen, had published a 24-page manifesto online in which he called for the extermination of nonwhites and accused US President Donald Trump of stealing his ideas.

Journalist and filmmaker Jake Hanrahan posted an image on Twitter in tribute to some of the victims of the attacks.