Turkey knocks on Germany’s door for railway makeover - Der Spiegel

Turkey, in a move to modernize its railways, has asked for the financial and technological support of Germany, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported, citing Der Spiegel.

Ankara is hoping to hand over a 25 billion Euro project to a consortium led by German technology giant Siemens, Deutsche Welle said, noting the country plans to open new high-speed train routes in addition to adding new trains.

The Turkish government applied to the German government for the project three months ago, the German broadcaster said, and closed-door meetings are taking place between Berlin and Ankara to this end.

Siemens, which struck a 340 million dollar deal with Turkey in April  for 10 high-speed trains, has not confirmed the news.

Founded in 1929, the Turkish government-owned State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, controls an active network of approximately 12,532 km (7,787 miles) of railways, the 22nd-largest railway system in the world.