German MP Dağdelen receiving death threats from far-right Turks

German parliamentarian of Kurdish origin for the Left Party, Sevim Dağdelen, has been receiving death threats from members of a far-right Turkish group, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reportedon Saturday.

The threats directed at Dağdelen have been signed by Turkey’s highly controversial paramilitary force Gendarmerie Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Organization (JİTEM), Left Party lawmaker Jörg Schindler told DW.

Schindler also said Sarya Ataç, a nominee for the Left Party in the state of Hessen in the local elections, was also receiving similar threats.

"The Turkish government, in the weakest of terms, tolerates this formation,’’ Schindler said.  "And the German government should respond to this at the highest level.’’ 

German authorities must immediately begin investigating the matter and protect both lawmakers, Schindler said.

JİTEM is accused of being involved in thetorture, disappearance and execution of Kurdish politicians and businesspeople during the 1990s, a period of bloody conflict between Turkey and Kurdish separatists.

Dağdelen is an outspoken critic of the Turkish government once called for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to be banned from entering Germany.

The German lawmaker in 2016 urged action after receiving death threats over the Armenian genocide vote in Germany's parliament.