Gezi Park police victim to receive 1 million TL after losing eye

A Turkish academic who lost an eye after he was hit by a police teargas canister during 2013 Gezi Park protests has been awarded more than $270,000 in damages.

The protests against building plans for an Istanbul park turned into the biggest demonstrations the country has seen against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The court’s decision noted that police are required to fire teargas canisters into the air at a specified angle to avoid serious injury.  

The court said it was not even proven that Assistant Professor Dr Burak Ünveren was participating in the protests when he was struck.

According to the court’s findings, his injuries have resulted in a 37% loss in his capacity to work. Accordingly, he was awarded 555,197 lira as compensation for loss of future earnings and 500,000 lira damages.

Ünveren said he was disappointed with the ruling in view of the lifelong, irreversible injury suffered.

The Interior Ministry said it would appeal the court’s decision.