Mar 14 2019

How a "bizarre" indictment could cost activists 47,520 years in jail

“The first thing I would say about the case and the indictment is that it’s an embarrassment” – Freedom House’s @nateschenkkan discusses the #GeziPark indictment with Ahval News.

“I don’t know how to stress enough how bizarre this document is. There’s no order to it, no real organisation, no real argument” - Freedom House’s @nateschenkkan on the Gezi Park indictment

Prosecutors have requested over 40,000 years in prison for the 16 #GeziPark defendants accused of trying to overthrow the Turkish govt. in 2013 – but the indictment against them is an “embarrassment” @nateschenkkan

The #GeziPark indictment is packed with 657 pages of phone records, gossip and allusions, but no order, organisation or substance. @nateschenkkan discusses it with Ahval News

The international community can still press for a fair trial for the #GeziPark defendants, and monitoring court proceedings can go a long way to curtailing unfair practices - Freedom House’s @nateschenkkan