Good Samaritan pays water bill he found on the ground

A Turkish minimum-wage worker who paid a water bill he found on the ground was given a certificate of merit at his work, İHA news agency reported.

Ramazan Özlen, a factory worker in Turkey’s western province of Denizli found an unpaid water bill and 50 Turkish lira ($13) while going to work.

“I saw the money first, and then the bill on the ground. I thought it could belong to an old person, or someone in need, so I paid it over internet,” Özlen was quoted as saying.

The bill was 48 lira and 30 cents, so Özlen said he posted on his Facebook page that he paid bill, hoping to reach the unknown person and return his 1 lira 30 cents change ($0.45).

Özlen’s social media post received much praise, and his supervisors at the factory awarded him with a certificate of merit, İHA said.