Apr 19 2018

Good Party denies authenticity of election authorities' letter (Update)

The spokesman for Turkey's Good Party has denied the authenticity of a letter apparently sent by the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK) to the Justice Ministry saying the recently-established Good Party cannot participate in upcoming snap elections.

Aytun Çıray tweeted the image, which had appeared on a number of news websites, with the caption "The document is fake".

"Considering the Political Parties Law numbered 2298, clause 36, it has not been judged appropriate for the Good Party, established on October 25, 2017, to take part in the planned general and presidential election on June 24, 2018,” the letter said said.

The party has pledged to obtain the necessary 100,000 signatures to get its leader, Meral Akşener, on the ballot of the presidential election as an independent candidate.

The YSK had issued a statement saying that it would determine which parties were eligible to participate in the elections, but its decisions can be challenged in Turkey’s Supreme Court.


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