Good Party in Turkey’s Çanakkale complain of pressure

Supporters of the nationalist Good Party in the Turkish province of Çanakkale are being put under pressure to take down posters in support of the party by officials of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) ahead of June 24 elections, opposition Cumhuriyet newspaper reported.

It quoted party candidate Rıdvan Uz as saying that AKP supporters were putting pressure on those living in buildings with Good Party posters on to take them down.

“Wherever we hang placards, the AKP province and district heads call the homeowners and put pressure on them to take them down,” Uz said.

“But our people will not allow this pressure.”

The party has seen the electricity cut to a hotel at which party leader Meral Akşener had come to speak, Uz said, so this was nothing new.

Good Party Çanakkale Province Head Eşref Bener Varol said he was taking the AKP officials to court over the incidents.