Jul 22 2018

Right-wing Good Party to elect a new chairperson

Turkey’s newly established right-wing Good Party will elect a new chairperson at a new extraordinary congress and the Party’s leader Meral Akşener will not seek re-election, Akşener announced on Twitter on Sunday.

The Good Party was founded in late 2017 by former members of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), who resigned from the MHP as a reaction to MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli’s alliance with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. 

Erdoğan’s decision to date the elections forward to June 24 set an obstacle for the Good Party to run in elections, since the party did not meet a requirement for parties to have held a congress at least six months in advance of the election. By allowing fifteen of its deputies to resign and join the Good Party, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) ensured its participation.

The Good Party’s leader Meral Akşener blocked the opposition parties’ efforts to nominate a single candidate in the presidential elections on June 24. In the beginning of the election campaigns, some commentators underlined that the Good Party and Akşener might be the “wild card” in elections, however, on June 24 the Good Party received 10 percent of the votes in parliamentary elections, while Akşener as the presidential candidate garnered 7.3 percent.

Following the elections, rumours said that there were severe criticisms inside the Good Party against the party’s election strategy and Akşener’s leadership. It was also said that the Good Party was at the center of Erdoğan’s strategy for attracting deputies to his own party in order to decrease his dependence to MHP.

During this weekend, the Good Party’s senior members came together in a highly-charged meeting in the western province of Afyonkarahisar to discuss the party’s future strategy. Cumhuriyet newspaper reported that, Meral Akşener rushed out of the meeting by declaring her resignation as the head of the Party. Akşener later returned and announced that a new congress will be held soon to elect the new chairperson of the party.