Three resignations from Turkey’s Good Party

Three founding members of Turkey’s nationalist Good Party announced their resignations from the party on Monday, according to Sözcü newspaper.

The resignations of Yusuf Halaçoğlu, Nevzat Bor ve Özcan Yeniçeri are the latest to shake the nationalist party, which was founded in the autumn of 2017 and won more than 7 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections in June, giving it 43 seats in Turkey’s 600 member parliament.

Since the elections though, the party has been in turmoil. Its leader Meral Akşener resigned last month, only to change her mind a few days later after protests from the party’s grassroots supporters.

In explaining their resignations the trio criticised the party’s strategy in the elections, saying that entering into an alliance with the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) was an error that cost the party votes.

Halaçoğlu said the party needed a new leadership but that events since the elections had shown no such changes would happen.

When asked if would be re-joining the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), dissidents from which provided the bulk of the Good Party’s personnel, Halaçoğlu said he would not be re-joining any political party.