Google to open Turkey office in compliance with social media regulations

U.S. technology giant Google is set to open an office in Turkey following Turkish parliament’s approval last month of a bill introducing new powers over social media, T24 new site reported on Wednesday.

The move by Google follows a legal amendment requiring social media companies with more than one million daily users to appoint a legal representative in Turkey to address authorities' concerns over content and requests for removal.

Google is the first foreign social media company to open an office in the country, T24 said.

The company has been formally operating in Istanbul’s Levent district since 2005 in a limited capacity under the name Google Advertising and Marketing Limited Co., which will take over the rest of the operations for the company to comply with the new regulations.

According to the new law, passed on July 29, social network providers would have 48 hours to respond to orders to remove offensive content.

Moreover, the law also imposes fines between 1 million to 10 million lira ($146,165 - $1.5 million) on social media companies who fail to swiftly remove hate speech and other illegal content from their platforms.