Google suspends licences to Turkey after fined for violating competition law

Google said it suspended licenses to Android smartphones in Turkey as of Dec. 12 after the country's competition authority in September announced that it had fined Google some 93 million Turkish lira ($15 million) for violating competition laws with its mobile software sales, HaberTürk reported on Sunday.

In a letter to its Turkish business partners, phone manufacturers and telecom carriers that sell smartphones, Google said the next version of its Android smartphones would lose access to popular services including the Google Play Store and Gmail and YouTube apps unless Turkey backtracks from the decision. And, Google also suspends operating system updates, HaberTürk said.

The competition authority said that the fine was imposed according to “abuse of dominant position” clause in the Turkish competition law.

Google LLC, Google International and Google Reklamcılık are given six months to make the necessary changes in order to “reinstill effective competition in the market and end the violation”, the competition authority said. 

Google also asked companies to pressure Turkish Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan and the head of the competition authority to reverse their decision, HaberTürk said.