May 05 2018

Greece deports Turkish man arrested at the border

Turkish municipal worker who was arrested last week at Greece’s northeastern border was deported to Turkey on Saturday, Ekathimerini said.

The municipal employee Musa Alerik from the border town Edirne accidentally crossed to Greece, while carrying out construction work. 

Recep Gurkan, the mayor of northwestern Edirne province, said the municipality had asked for a digger to construct a water well at the Pazarkule Border Gate with Greece, Anadolu Agency reported on May 2.

A Greek court on May 3 sentenced Alerik to five months in jail.  His jail term was suspended and Musa Alerik was fined 1,500 euros before being released from custody.

Meanwhile, two Greek soldiers who accidentally crossed the border in bad weather in March are still under detention in Turkey.