Greece excludes Turkey from post-pandemic tourism list

Greece has excluded neighbouring Turkey from a list of countries it is opening its doors to in a bid to revive its tourism sector and contain the economic fallout caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Greek Tourism Ministry did not include Turkey as one of the 29 countries it deems safe from the novel coronavirus in the list published on Friday.

Greece is a popular destination for Turks, who can travel to many of the country’s cities in only a matter of hours via land or sea travel.

Starting on June 15, Greece will accept tourists from are China, Germany, Denmark, Serbia and Switzerland, among others, the Greek Reporter quoted the ministry as saying.

The list will be expanded on or after July 1, according to Greek authorities.

Turkey is preparing to ease pandemic restrictions on June 1 as the country’s COVID-19 cases and daily death rate continue to drop.