Greece gets U.S. investment interest on Turkey turmoil

U.S. investors are being attracted back to Greece as they avoid turmoil in neighbouring Turkey and the Middle East, CNBC reported.

There is fresh interest in the once crisis-wracked economy, including in energy investments, CNBC said citing Dimitris Tzanakopoulo, the government’s spokesman and minister of state.

(The region) has many, many problems, wherever you look there's destabilization, there is turbulence… We think we are one of the factors which will secure and guarantee stability in the region and this is something everybody knows, from the U.S. to our European partners.

Relations between Ankara and both the United States and European Union are under severe strain after Turkey blamed western groups for supporting a failed coup attempt last year and a court in New York began trying a senior official of a Turkish state-run bank on charges of helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions. A key witness in the case implicated President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and several ex-ministers in the scheme. Erdoğan says evidence is fabricated and part of a plot against Turkey.