Greece intercepted Turkish jets after 50 airspace violations – report

The Greek air force intercepted Turkish jets after they flew over regions in the Aegean Sea and failed to submit a flight plan, Greek Reporter said.

The Turkish fighter planes committed 50 new violations of Greek national airspace in one day on July 2, Greek Reporter said on Tuesday, citing an announcement by the Greek military authorities.

The aircraft spotted in the area included eight F-16s, four F-4 Phantoms and one CASA/IPTN CN-235 medium-range transport aircraft, according to the news website. Four of the jets were found to be armed and Greek planes therefore engaged with them in mock dogfights, it said.

Greece and Turkey dispute territory in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, where many Greek islands and islets lie just a few kilometres off the Turkish coastline. Military tensions between the two NATO allies have escalated in recent months as political disputes raged over Syrian refugees and drilling for hydrocarbons around the ethnically divided island of Cyprus

The Turkish jets flew within the northeast, central and southeast regions of the Aegean Sea, including over the islands of Chios and Ikaria. The 13 jets also violated air use regulations established by the Athens Flight Information region, Greek Reporter said.