Greece to release eight Turkish soldiers accused of coup 

Greece is to release in May eight Turkish soldiers who fled there after the failed 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, news website Greek Reporter said on Tuesday.

The issue of the eight Turkish servicemen, who flew a military helicopter to Greece after the attempt to topple the Turkish government collapsed, is one of several bones of contention dividing the neighbouring NATO members and ancient rivals. 

The men were arrested for illegally entering Greece and claimed asylum. Turkey wants the men sent back to face trial for taking part in the coup that it blames on the Islamist Gülen movement, but three of its requests to have the men extradited have been turned down while Greece evaluates their asylum claims.

Greek Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis said Turkey had not requested the men be tried in Greece, so “following the expiration of 18 months, which is coming up in May, there is no provision of extending their detention.”