Greece says won’t react peacefully to Turkish provocation

Greece said it won’t act so peacefully to the next Turkish provocation around the Imia islets in the Aegean.

Turkey has arrived at a red line “and in a sense crossed it”, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said. “The Imia islets are Greek.

“Turks must hear this because they keep talking about warnings…We are an organized state, with good defense, good allies and high diplomatic capacity,” he said in an interview on Alpha TV late on Thursday.

Political tensions between Turkey and Greece have almost reached physical confrontation over Imia, sandwiched between Turkey’s southwestern coastline and larger Greek islands. The two nations nearly went to war over the same territory in the 1990’s that international agreements say is legally Greek.

Greece is also considering applying for compensation from Turkey for the damages caused to its coast guard vessel after it was rammed by a Turkish ship, the foreign minister said.

“We are considering whether the Turks will have to pay [for the damage],” he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ratcheted up tensions with Greece in December, when he said just prior to a visit to Athens that a treaty signed in the aftermath of the Ottoman Empire that marks out the two countries’ borders should be renegotiated.…-