Greek court rejects extradition request of a Turkish man linked to bombings

A Greek court on Friday ruled against the extradition of a Turkish man wanted by Turkey on terrorism charges, Reuters reported.

Mehmet Doğan, 60, was one of the nine people detained by Greece’s anti-terrorism police in Nov 2017, weeks before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to the country, it said.

The nine detained were charged with belonging to a criminal organisation, terrorist-related acts of supplying explosive materials, and with illegal possession of firearms, the court officials told Reuters.

Doğan is also wanted in Turkey over alleged links to a far-left group blamed for attacks and suicide bombings there since 1990.

The Greek court said on Friday that Doğan, although still held in Greece, had been granted political asylum in France.

Doğan cannot be sent back to Turkey, “where his life is in danger according to former rulings,” Reuters quoted his lawyers as saying.

In a statement, Turkey accused Greek courts of protecting terrorists and acting in a way that “does not befit neighbouring behaviour,” Turkey’s foreign ministry said in a statement quoted by Reuters.