Apr 01 2018

Greek sovereignty over Kardak/Imia beyond doubt, Athens says

Greece has issued a stern message to Turkey on Saturday, stating that there is no question about the sovereignty of the Kardak/Imia islets, Ekathimerini reports.

 "The legal status of Imia is firmly established," the Greek Foreign Ministry said, adding that "Greek sovereignty over Imia is a given and beyond doubt."

The statement pertaining to the Kardak/Imia islets, which have been subject to a territorial dispute between Turkey and Greece since a naval accident in 1995, went on to say, "Turkey is mistaken if it thinks it can violate international law in the Aegean without consequences, as it does in other places in its environs," adding: 

"We would advise Turkey to measure its words."

The statements from Athens follows one issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry,  criticizing Athens for adopting an environmental law regarding European Union Natura programs. Ankara claimed that Greece "has long been exploiting... with respect to the Aegean issues."

"There is no doubt about the sovereignty of Turkey over the Kardak rocks," the statement said, using the Turkish name for the Imia islets.

"We would like to reiterate that the Greek Law no. 4519 will not bear any legal effect regarding the disputes existing between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean Sea," the statement from Ankara indicated.