May 20 2018

"I will unblock Wikipedia" - Opposition pres candidate

The presidential candidate of main opposition party, People's Republican Party (CHP) Muharrem Ince addressed his supporters in south city of Adana.

Ince said when he gets elected, he will unblock the Wikipedia and lift the Passolig system. Passolig system was installed by the government to prevent unwanted incidents, such as pitch invasion by fans, and hooliganism. Critics say it is a type of surveillance. Ince also said criticism on Twitter will be free in his reign. 

On the other hand, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said in his interview with Greek daily To Vima on Sunday that the Greek justice system had violated the rights of the victims of the 15 July coup victims in Turkey by accepting the asylum requests of coup plotters, Anadolu Agency reported

Eight Turkish soldiers fled to Greece in 2016 following the coup attempt and the Greek courts denied Turkey’s requests for the extradition of those soldiers. Turkish government claims that those soldiers are members of the Gülen Movement, which according to the government masterminded the coup attempt.

In May 8, a Greek Commission accepted the petition for the asylum request of one of those soldiers.

“They actively took part in killing of innocent people and injuring many others. They targeted an elected president,” Yildirim said. “However, we welcome the Greek government’s objection to the decision,” he added.