Jun 08 2018

Turkey’s breaking of EU deal sign of weakness – Greek newspaper

Turkey breaking off an EU agreement for returning migrants in response to Greece freeing eight Turkish military officers who escaped to Greece after a failed coup shows Turkey’s weakness, Kathimerini newspaper said.

“Ankara’s decision may cause very serious problems for Greece, but it is, at the same time, a confession of the Turkish government’s diplomatic and political weakness,” the newspaper said.

Turkey was creating problems and then charging Europe for help mitigating them, it continued.

“The EU-Turkey deal on refugees and migrants is a good example. Turkey played a leading role in the destabilization of Syria and allowed (if it did not actively encourage) the mass migration to Europe through Greece; then Ankara exploited Germany’s panic two years ago and agreed to control the flow and accept returns from Greece, in exchange for money and the promise of the waiver of visas for Turkish citizens.”

However, the country must be in a very weak position if it is now having to carry out its threats, the newspaper said, recommending that the EU and U.S. respond with more pressure on Turkey rather than giving in to what it described as hostage-taking and blackmail.