Turkish-Libyan deal over maritime boundaries violates international law - Greece

A deal between Turkey and the UN-recognised government of Libya which made the countries maritime neighbours violates international maritime law, the Greek Reporter quoted Greek diplomatic sources as saying on Thursday.

The diplomatic sources said that Greek authorities had obtained the text of the Turkish-Libyan memorandum of understanding on maritime zone and implied it had been leaked by the Turkish side.

“The content of the memorandum is contrary to the provisions of the international law of the sea,” the Greek diplomats said after reading the accord. 

The copy obtained by Greece shows a map along with a series of latitudinal and longitudinal lines, between which Turkey and the government of Libya have marked their claims to shared maritime borders, the Greek Reporter said. These lines are extremely close to the Greek islands of Crete, Karpathos and Rhodes, it said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Thursday that the memorandum of understanding would take effect after being approved by the Turkish parliament, adding that Turkey would make no compromise on the agreement. 

The Turkish parliament approved the agreement later in the day with the votes of the governing coalition parties as well as two out of three opposition parties.