Turkish journalist sentenced for insulting politician in Greece

A Greek court has sentenced Turkish-origin journalist Mustafa Çolakali to a year in prison for insulting İlhan Ahmet, a politician for the left-wing PASOK alliance, local Turkish-language newspaper Azınlıkça said.

Çolakali announced the decision on his Twitter account.

“Dear friends, I have been given a prison sentence of one year, suspended for three years, in the case Rodop PASOK parliamentarian İlhan Ahmet opened against me for ‘insult through the press’,” he said.

“We are going to a higher court,” he said.

Çolakali stood in the September 2015 elections against Ahmet as a candidate for rival left-wing party Popular Unity.

There are at least 150,000 people in Greece of Turkish origin, although the Greek government recognises them only as Greek Muslims. They are heavily concentrated in the region of Thrace, which includes Rodop.